Friday Inspiration: Candid Portraits

Friday Inspiration is about sharing creativity, inspiration and insights into my personal style through the eyes of others. It’s a way to highlight creatives and entrepreneurs, bring a bit of beauty to the end of your week, and inspire you to create, as well as share your story and some details about yourself.

This month’s Friday Inspiration post it focused on portraits. A portrait can tell so much - there are the quiet, calm, deep moments, and there are the joyful, candid, spontaneous portraits. Portraits tell a story. 

I’ve found all those images via Pinterest, saved to my Portraits board

1. Quiet, calm and deep

Image of    Yuna

Image of Yuna

This photo has style. This woman has style. It makes me want to ask her questions, get to know her, hear her speak. It’s intriguing and there’s something about her gaze that draws you in.

2. Candid

Credit    Anthropologie

I love the joy and smile in this photo. It seems like a candid moment (though I can’t know for sure of course, it is taken for a fashion label after all), a quick split-second, captured before it disappears. That’s the beauty of candid portraits - they capture a moment in time that’s not fake, can’t be replicated, that’s true and real and authentic, without trying.

3. A real moment

Photo by    Mallory Wimmer

I feel like this girl is looking and smiling at me. I feel like I know her, and yet I want to get to know her better. She has something warm and inviting about here. That’s another thing great portraits do - they draw you in and say “I’m approachable”.

4. Not all celebrity portraits are the same

Don’t know who took this photo?

Don’t know who took this photo?

Taking great celebrity portraits is a skill as I learned back at uni. Of course this photo is set up and thought out really well. But still, I find it captures what we think Emma’s personality is so well. It’s set up in a way that doesn’t seem set up. It seems real. The light also creates some kind of intimacy and curiosity, and I love how a strand of her hair is just casually thrown over her head - undone, casual, light, easygoing. That’s what those details tell me, and that’s what this whole photo communicates.

5. Love

Can’t find credit for this one either (if you know the photographer, let me know)

Can’t find credit for this one either (if you know the photographer, let me know)

I love portraits and photos of children. I could definitely imagine myself specialising in children’s photography (even though I don’t have any kids myself) and capturing candid, documentary-style moments.

All the things I love about about this one: Her closed eyes, the light, the colours, the tone, the level of saturation, the black sparkling crown (!), her freckles. All of those details together create a beautiful photo.

Do you have any favourites?

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