Friday Inspiration: Home Stories

Friday Inspiration is about sharing creativity, inspiration and some of my style and personality through the eyes of others. It’s a way for me to highlight fellow creatives and entrepreneurs, bring a bit of beauty to the end of your week, and inspire you to create, as well as share your story and some details about yourself.

This week I’m focusing on homes, and all the things a beautiful home can tell about the person who inhabits the space through all the little details.

I’ve found all those images via Pinterest, saved to my Home board. 

1. Serious bathroom envy

Via Garance Dore for   Dominomag  .

Via Garance Dore for Dominomag.

I came across this beautiful bathroom on Pinterest a while ago. How awesome is the big round bathtub? Seriously, I wish this was my bathroom!

2. All the details that tell a story

Another image from   Dominomag  .

Another image from Dominomag.

I picked this one as it shares so much about whoever’s bedroom this is. I love how the shot is simple and clean, yet brings across a lot of personality through all the details in the image, from the pillows to the branches to the pictures on the wall.

Plus, beautiful bedrooms (and bathrooms - and every other part of a house really) are always inspiring to look at!

3. Well, I can’t get enough…

Via    Ellos

Via Ellos

Scandinavian designs are always the best.

I came across this Norwegian brand via Pinterest. First of all, I love the cat on the bed ;) While that’s true, I also adore the design of the chair, the notebook lying on it, and the colours (love the neutral colours, the dark wall in contrast with the white wooden ceiling). The space looks cosy, calming, homely. I just want to insert myself right on that bed next to the cat.

4. Warm light

Look at the light in this bedroom. I love white and light-filled rooms in general, and this warm filtered sunlight combined with the linen bed sheets, books, grass, and wooden door creates the perfect vibe.

5. The most important place

Ok, let’s move on from bedrooms (thought I could create a whole separate post just on them!) to one of the most important parts - the kitchen. It’s where all the food happens! While I’ve got a shelf of jars (stacked behind each other) at home, I would love to have a whole shelf full of them, stacked on top of each other (here’s another example), next to plants and cookbooks, clearly visible and presented just like a piece of artwork in a gallery. I’m all for sustainable (and beautiful) living!

What are your favourite parts of a home? What inspires you in a home? Share a little about yourself with me on Instagram!

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