How to take your own photos and create consistent on-brand content

A few weeks ago I shared “8 steps to take better photos for your business and Instagram”. Today I want to expand on this topic and give you some more insights into how to create amazing, consistent, and on-brand content yourself - without the stress or overwhelm, and no matter if you’re using your phone, a point-and-shoot camera, or a DSLR camera.


Before you start taking photos, consider these points:

1. Know your brand

As I mentioned in the post I linked above, knowing your brand is key. Let’s dig a little deeper and answer some of these questions:

Who is your audience?

What do you help them with?

What are you known for (this can include personal stuff)?

What do you want to be known for?

What are some brands you admire or that inspire you?

What are key topics you talk about or could talk about for ages?

What questions does your audience ask regularly?

What does your brand design look like? Do you have specific brand colours?

What do you do each week, and how do you spend your days?

These are just a few of the questions I might ask one of my clients before doing a shoot. Your answers to these questions will help you define what to look for in photos, what kind of photos to take in the first place, and what purpose each photo serves.

How to take your own photos and create consistent on-brand content

2. Create a visual guide and/or moodboard

Photos are a visual element of your brand. In order for you to keep your visual content consistent, you want to be very clear and focused on what your brand visually represents. 

What colours and tones do you use? You can have a look at your current Instagram feed, your website, or some brands that you like the look of for inspiration. Analyse whether you generally aim for, and tend to go for warmer colours and tones, colourful and mixed photos, or more of a cold and blue tint?

Once you have an idea of what you’re going for, create a guide or moodboard to keep all those guidelines in one place, something you can come back to if you need to check whether your photos are on-brand or to give you ideas for your next photo shoot.

How to take your own photos and create consistent on-brand content

3. Pinterest is your best friend

Not only can (and should) you use Pinterest for inspiration when putting together your visual brand guide or moodboard, but you can also use it to find other inspiring accounts and brands that align with what you’re aiming for.

Apart from that, use Pinterest when planning your shoot! Create a secret board with inspiration images for what you want to capture. Pin photos that capture the vibe you’re going for, pin images that use the exact props, background or poses you want, and generally gather content that inspires your shoot. 

You can either use this board as a guide for yourself, or to share with your team or photographer (whether that’s one of your friends, partner, or a professional photographer you’re thinking of hiring).

Having a dedicated Pinterest board for each shoot, as well as one for your brand, will give you a lot of clarity on your visual brand.

How to take your own photos and create consistent on-brand content

4. Consider your audience

Always keep your audience in mind when creating content. Why are you creating content and for whom? Whom does your content serve? Is what you’re sharing helpful and clear?

Knowing your audience and creating content for them will help you define what to share and what photos to create to go with that content. Make sure to serve them, not yourself.

These are some key tips that I hope will inspire you to create consistent on-brand content on a regular basis, without the stress or overwhelm.

If there’s anything you wish you knew (that I didn’t talk about), let me know. Also, please go ahead and share this post with anyone you know who needs it or would benefit from it.

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