My favourite places to work from in Melbourne

Are you a Melbourne based freelancer, entrepreneur, influencer, blogger, content creator or creative? Or maybe you work overseas but are coming to Melbourne on a business/ holiday trip and need to get some work done?

My favourite places to work from in Melbourne

I’ve been living and working in Melbourne for the last four years now and figured it would be helpful to list all my favourite places for focused (and creative, inspired) work below.

1. Co-working spaces

Those have to be my favourite option for getting work done. You can stay for as long as you want, don’t need to feel rushed or pressured to buy yet another cup of coffee, you’re surrounded by other creatives and high-achievers who are there to get work done, and the environment is usually less distracting than at a coffee shop.

A few of my favourites include:

WeWork in the city (they have a few different locations)

Inspire9 in Richmond

2. Cafes for shorter work bouts

Stagger Lees in Fitzroy:

I often meet my clients here before a shoot in Fitzroy. If you go during the week (before and after lunch), it’s usually neither too busy nor too quiet. It’s common to see a couple of people with a laptop or a book around, and sometimes even someone holding a less corporate business meeting there. I like their coffee, but more importantly the vibes. It’s not too pretentious, but a little more down to earth, relaxed, and the people working there are friendly and helpful.

Cibi in Collingwood:

I love the interior vibes and the mix of open cafe space combined with plants and the small Japanese store next to it. The greenery, the wood and general interior design make it feel relaxing and calming. The cafe is in a spot that’s surrounded by creative agencies and small businesses, so you’ll often see young workers, entrepreneurs and creatives meeting for coffee here.

3. State Library of Victoria

If you really need a quiet space and enjoy working out of libraries, Melbourne’s main library has plenty of space and different spots to focus. Some of the library’s architecture is beautiful (you can easily find some Instagram photos if you search for it), so that’s a little inspiration for you too.

Personally I don’t often opt for the library as I find it a little too quiet and the “study vibes” too strong, but if I choose to work from a library, this is my go-to one.

4. Hotel Lobbies

I love working out of hotel lobbies, BUT haven’t been to any in Melbourne yet. I added this one here anyway, in case you’re reading it and have some recommendations. I’d love to hear.

I’ll keep adding to this list as I spend more time in Melbourne and perhaps get some recommendations from you, which I will try out. If you have any favourite go-to work spots, let me know.

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