Professional Lifestyle + Portrait Photographer


In 2014 I co-founded The Magic Elephant, a content marketing agency and blogging studio working with creative food businesses and lifestyle brands.

Portfolio was a magazine produced in-house, published by The Magic Elephant, which acted as an actual portfolio. We worked and collaborated with a variety of food brands, restaurants and cafes, created ‘Collectables’ posts for which we reviewed different products, and interviewed lots of founders and industry professionals.

Some of the brands we worked with and photographed include Sandows London (cold brew coffee), Ozone Coffee Roasters, Propercorn, Dona Chai New York, Karma Cans, Pip & Nut, The Organic Protein Company, Doisy & Dam, Alan Yau’s HR Manager Diana Peeva (Babaji Pide Salonu, The Duck & Rice and Park Chinois), Lemon Aid, Jealous Sweets, Nix & Kix, The London Food Startup School, and The Pickle House.



This is a selection of images documenting the working life of a young farmer in rural southern Germany. The aim is to provide an insight into the life and work of a farmer. I am hoping this will give people an opportunity to experience the day to day life on a farm, and to see a farm's surroundings in order to raise awareness for the environment and where our food comes from.
This is especially important today as fast-food and chemically-processed food production pushes its way deeper into society. Through this photo essay I want to create a strong sense of sustainability and put the focus of everyday living on a natural lifestyle, remembering where the main ingredients of our food come from.



Vivid is a range of cold organic matcha drinks founded by James Shillcock. Matcha are pure, high-grade green tea leaves that have been picked and ground into a fine powder. 
I photographed James for The Food Startup School London on one of his mornings at his friend’s bar in Soho, making fresh matcha tea.



Spoon Cereals is an all-natural, quality granola company based in London founded by Annie Morris and Jonny Shimmin. Our work together and personal friendship started with brand strategy, blog development, website design, content creation, and marketing while running The Magic Elephant. I’ve been working with them ever since, doing a number of photo shoots, ranging from food photography and styling to portraits to lifestyle shots. We regularly collaborate and work together when I’m back in London.



I photographed Long Street Coffee, a social enterprise cafe supporting refugees and asylum seekers, as well as owners Jane and Francois, for a feature in Newfound magazine. I had coffee and a chat with Jane about starting a business, the day to day life of running a cafe, and overcoming growth struggles. 


Vík Hostel

In April 2015 I spent four days in Vík, a beautiful Icelandic village with only 300 inhabitants on the island’s South coast, photographing Vík Hostel for Portfolio magazine. A special thanks to Æsa Gísladóttir and Vík Hostel for providing me and my travel partner with a perfect room up on a high mountain overlooking the black sand beach Dyrhólaey. Vík and its lovely people took our breath away, and lot of ideas were born over Æsa's fresh bread and home farmed eggs.



Honest Burgers has become a well-known name across London, famous for its high quality burgers made from local ingredients. If there is one restaurant to talk about growth it must be Honest Burgers - from a shed in Brixton Village to a nation wide chain it continues to spread the love of burgers, fries and artisan beer.
I photographed Petko, the head chef of Honest Burgers’ Brixton Village restaurant, documenting one of his mornings.


Flavour & Grace

I worked with Candi Giacchetti, a holistic health coach and nutritionist based in London, to create her brand story and visual identity. I produced images for her website, marketing materials and social media, documenting her lifestyle.


Hoxton Mini Press

Hoxton Mini Press was founded in 2013 by Martin Usborne and Ann Waldvogel and is an independent publisher making collectable art books about East London, based on their belief that Hackney and its surroundings are London’s most exciting and vibrant areas.
I photographed Martin and their studio based in Hackney in collaboration with The Magic Elephant.



Kex Hostel, Reykjavík’s most successful social establishment, has grown into a huge business branching out and opening new restaurants, pizzerias and travel companies all across Iceland. “Nobody really knew what they were doing, in fact, none of the founders ever stayed at a hostel”, Guðmundur Magnússon (or Gummi), manager of Kex, Iceland’s urban culture epicentre, told me and my travel partner over a cup of hot chocolate and original Kex cookies.

The hostel is based in an old biscuit factory and so its industrial spirit became a great foundation to build something a lot different than a traditional hostel - no cheap beer, no greasy surfaces and no plastic menus. In other words, a place that the founders could invite friends to and where they could “hang out themselves”.

I photographed both the hostel as well as Ólafur Ágústsson, the hostel's head chef. He is at the forefront of the urban food events happening in Iceland’s capital and inspiring many travellers to rediscover traditional Northern food. Iceland has very little land suitable for farming, as a result cooks have become very creative over the years.



Dishoom is a Bombay café and restaurant located across London. It pays homage to the Irani cafés that were once part of the fabric of life in Bombay that now have almost all disappeared. Their faded elegance welcomed all: rich businessmen, sweaty taxi-wallas and courting couples. Fans turned slowly. Bentwood chairs were reflected in stained mirrors, next to sepia family portraits. Students had breakfast. Families dined. Lawyers read briefs. Writers found their characters.

Opened early last century by Zoroastrian immigrants from Iran, there were almost four hundred cafés at their peak in the 1960s. Now, fewer than thirty remain. Their loss is much mourned by Bombayites.

Dishoom is beautifully designed, making you feel like you're in an Irani café back in Bombay in the 60s, offering amazing food that makes you want to stay forever.
I photographed their Shoreditch branch for Portfolio magazine.



Rustica Sourdough is a specialty bakery and cafe on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy (Melbourne) founded by Brenton Lang.
I photographed the cafe’s sweet food creations, interior, bread, breakfast + lunch menu all accompanied by fresh cups of coffee. The photos are being used on their website and across social media platforms.



Olive is a French and Italian inspired cafe and restaurant based on Cuba Street in Wellington, New Zealand. I photographed the cafe, its beautiful green outdoor area, and food for Newfound magazine.



Crosstown Doughnuts sells fresh, handmade doughnuts made in London. I photographed the shop, doughnuts, and founder at their flagship store on Broadwick Street in Soho.



Itonowa is a cafe located in the old part of Tokyo. I photographed the space and their food on my visit to Tokyo in January 2016.